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I've known a few people who have inspired various elements of his personality and outlook, but mostly he's the product of my imagination. Are Midori and Naomi based on real people or your idea of the perfect woman? I don't really think there's a "perfect woman" any more than there's a "perfect man" -- we humans are always so imperfect, aren't we!

But Midori and Naomi both have qualities that I admire. They're both bright, tough-minded, and confident. They're beautiful and sexy and they appreciate this, but they don't dwell on the fact and it certainly isn't what defines them. Midori plays piano and Naomi can dance -- I wish I could do either! Midori is a bit older than Naomi and more accomplished; she has a value system that I respect, a system that Rain runs up against and finds attractive even though it sometimes causes him to question some of his assumptions and rationalizations, with resulting discomfort.

Naomi is a little less fully-formed than Midori, and her personality and worldview are more of a work in progress. Although he's certainly attracted to her and they have great chemistry, Rain is accordingly less affected by Naomi than he is by Midori. Okay, I admit it: I'm in love with them both. You paint a pretty bleak picture of Japan and its economy, politics, social fabric and future. Is this the way you see Japan, or did you paint this picture to fit the story?

All of the problems I write about in the Rain books -- the corruption, the scandals, the pervasiveness of organized crime -- is true, and comes straight from reporting in publications like The Economist, The Far Eastern Economic Review, Forbes, and books like Alex Kerr's Dogs and Demons.

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  • Dictionary of Scientific Biography [Vol. 4] Richard Dedekind-Firmicus Maternus.

Of course, Japan is much more than the sum of these problems, and there is much to admire and even envy about the country -- but Rain lives in a noir universe, and the bad and the ugly grow prominent as a result. In Hard Rain there seem to be more explanations about Japanese customs and society than in your first book, Rain Fall or perhaps that's my imagination? Is this a result of feedback from readers, input from editors, your own insight after finishing Rain Fall, or is there another reason? The truth is, I hadn't really thought about this until you pointed it out. Maybe Rain is getting more reflective with age?

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There are rumors of a movie option. Can you tell us a bit about that? What's next for Barry Eisler and John Rain? I just signed with Putnam for two additional Rain books, so more Rain is on the way.

الملف هو ملف تورنت بالمرفقات - وهذه هي محتويات الملف ان شاء الله )

To try to figure out where Rain is going, I look for inspiration in real life events of the day -- in other words, I try to place fictional characters in a non-fictional world. First, it's clear to me that the CIA has gotten the green light on assassinations, regardless of what euphemism is used in place of that uncomfortable word. Second, the government is classifying certain American citizens like Jose Padillo, the "dirty bomber" from Chicago, as "enemy combatants" and trying them in military tribunals -- essentially stripping them of their traditional rights of due process as US citizens.

But not everyone the government wants to move against is an Al Quaeda operative abroad, reachable by Hellfire missile, or a sufficiently guilty-seeming US citizen at home, reachable by military tribunal.

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There is of course a third class, a class that the government would like to see removed but would have to remove less obtrusively, more deniably, then by the methods that have reached the papers thus far. I ask myself, if today the US government had access to a guy like John Rain, would they use him? If so, how? Who would they want him to go after? What would get Rain to play ball?

Follow these questions, and you'll see the structure of the next Rain book taking form It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. Click on the book cover to buy at Amazon. Kjeld's Archives iKjeld. Japanese furniture Kitchen cabinets, coffee tables, and more.

The now legendary Sir Ernest Mason Satow was a member of the British legation in Tokyo for twenty-one years. This classic book is based on the author's detailed diary, personal encounters, and keen memory. In it, Satow records the history of the critical years of social and political upheaval that accompanied Japan's first encounters with the West around the time of the Meiji Restoration. Editor Stone Bridge Press. Dive deeper into Japan with Japan correspondent Kjeld Duits.

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