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Examples like this are likely outliers, but they do get at the heart of how flawed consumer DNA testing can be. These variations can influence our risk of certain diseases or our likelihood of developing traits like hair color. Patterns of variations can also be matched up to patterns taken from other living people whose families are historically thought to have lived in a specific part of the world, which companies use to predict your ancestry.

As Gizmodo has reported before, though, different companies rely on different databases of genetic patterns and use different algorithms to come up with their results.

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But that improvement comes with its own drawbacks, namely a loss of privacy. This April, Sacramento police reportedly nabbed a prolific serial murderer, the Golden State Killer, with the help of a third-party genealogy database where users submit their genetic profiles obtained from other companies. They cross-referenced crime scene DNA to the database, finding possible relatives to the killer, then they used other sources of public data like newspaper obituaries to construct a likely family tree and eventually zeroed-in on the alleged killer, Joseph James DeAngelo.

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The technique has since been implemented in other cold cases. And a study published in October found that the same technique could someday be used to identify just about anyone through their familial relations, once enough people have their DNA stored in a database somewhere. The guidelines include explicitly asking permission from users before sharing their data with third-party businesses like insurers, while also disclosing how often law enforcement agencies petition them for customer data companies such as Ancestry have released transparency reports for a few years now.

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And law enforcement agencies can also circumvent the request process entirely as they actually tried to during the Golden State case by just creating fake profiles on sites using the DNA of a suspect. The debate over privacy is definitely complicated.

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Clayton and others have even suggested the creation of a universal genetic database that police could access. In the European Union, though, the newly enshrined General Data Protection Regulation is poised to create strict rules around how our genetic data is handled by companies. Leaving privacy aside, there are other ethical concerns around how DNA is used. In July, 23andMe also announced it had entered into a four-year partnership with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline to potentially develop new drugs and treatments, which will include the sharing of anonymized, de-identified customer DNA.

Speaking of science, 23andMe has obtained FDA clearance for some of its genetic tests, which aim to identify predispositions to certain health conditions or how likely you are to tolerate some medications. These are all valid reasons to avoid the genealogy bargain and politely turn down the opportunity to swab your cheek after family Christmas dinner.

They want to find relatives or learn more about their ancestry. We get enough of that during the holidays as it is. One part of the festive season that can be incredibly difficult is the immense pressure to have a good time. With that in mind, here are my Ten Commandments for taking care of your mental health this Christmas. I hope they will help you to remember to look after yourself and have the best Christmas that you can.


Like Liked by 1 person. Autism means my default setting for the holidays is about a 3, factor in other stressors….. I did this a couple of times over the past month and know it was absolutely the right decision, for my physical and mental health. I ranked on about it in a blog post, but you got it in a nutshell!

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