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Published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Registered charity number: Site powered by Webvision. Skip to main content Skip to navigation Photochemistry. Research Radical route produces non-natural polymers inside cells 17 April Strategy could enable scientists to manipulate, track and control cellular behaviour by generating macromolecules within cells.

Experiment no. 7 - Photochemistry

Research Transcription controlled by non-natural DNA modifications 15 April Proof-of-concept for artificial chemical epigenetics. Opinion Norrish photolytic cleavage 12 March Research Light-activated chirality switch directs enantiomeric excess 14 February Photoexcitation can transform a racemic ligand into one of its enantiomers.

Research Red—blue light switch pushes equilibrium both ways 20 August Switchable reaction cycle drives bond-making or breaking depending on light colour.

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Research Enzyme helps photoredox get enantioselective 31 May Enantioenriched amine synthesis is inaugural example of photoredox and enzyme collaboration. The handbook contains 45 state-of-the-art chapters written by over 90 international experts from 15 countries.

Photochemistry Section

The handbook has been divided into four thematic volumes:. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, J. Kroon, B. O'Regan, J.

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Iha, C. Garcia, and C. Kira and R. Tamai, T. Hayamizu, and K.

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Iha and V. Wu, Y. Li, and M. Ronco and G.

Light-Driven Reactions, Materials and Devices

Pareek and A. Tanimoto and Y. Fujiwara, Japan.

Strehmel, Germany Photochemistry of Fullerenes, M. Fujitsuka and O. Ito, Japan Photochemistry of Drugs, A. Albini and E. Hobley, S. Nishio, K. Abraham and V.

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  • A Laboratory Manual of Analytical Methods of Protein Chemistry. Volume 4.

Kharlanov, Germany Cationic Photopolymerization, R. Lazauskaite and J.

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Yasuda and K. Ono and N. Kojima, Japa n. Hamai and A. Fery-Forgues et al. Ceroni and A. Prasanna de Silva, G. McClean, T. Moody, and S.